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The Magazine

Happy Trackin' is a digital magazine released on a  quarterly basis, with a focus on track systems, barefoot horses and the importance of providing a species appropriate lifestyle. 

In this magazine, you will find everything from stories of successful track rehabilitation cases and 'how to' articles to competition horses, hoof health and our best tips and tricks on how to keep your track system running smoothly. 

If you're a trackie with a passion, then you're in the right place. Happy Trackin' everyone.


Behind Happy Trackin'

My name is Maddie and like the majority of you reading this, I am a horse owner keen to do my part in normalising species appropriate living for the mental and physical health of our equines. My family own and run 'PB Paddock Paradise Livery', a paddock paradise (track system) livery based in the charming county of Shropshire, UK. Having always had a keen interest for writing and an all-consuming passion for the work we do through the livery, I was encouraged to take the jump and begin a digital magazine on what I hope will be filled with invaluable information, tools, success stories shared and most of all, encouragement to continue providing your horse with a fulfilling, species specific life.


As I have grown up with a horse-obsessed Mum from a very young age, I have always had an interest in horses and have never needed any sort of encouragement to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, at a young age I became chronically ill and have since searched for a way to pursue my passions in a way that my body can tolerate it. My family's deep-seated passion and devotion for horses and the journey that has taken us on continues to be a constant in my life, one that I am very grateful for. I now hope to share that through my work, and now this magazine, with a like-minded community of horse owners with the same drive and dedication.

A big thank you to my family for always striving to provide the very best for our four-legged friends, always being my inspiration.

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