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What is a Paddock Paradise?

A Paddock Paradise, often referred to as a track system, typically follows the perimeter of your field, making a fenced off area that forms a loop.  

Following Jaime Jackson's legendary studies, the Paddock Paradise was created to provide a domesticated horse with the benefits of a natural, species appropriate lifestyle; optimising their overall health physically and mentally. When a horse is on a Paddock Paradise rather than a paddock, they must move to fulfil their daily needs.

'The principal goal of PP is to facilitate health and soundness – both physical and mental – in our horses. In fact, it is an ideal preventative to many of the illnesses and disorders plaguing domestic equines who are forced to live in stalls or other forms of close confinement or, equally hazardous, in lush, sugar-laden grass pastures. In fact, a genuine PP can virtually eliminate the risk of laminitis, colic, Navicular Syndrome, Cushings Syndrome, and other debilitating conditions caused by an unnatural lifestyle and diet.  As well, it allows horses to eat as they do in nature – on the move!'

- Paddock Paradise

The 4 Pillars of Natural Horse Care

Paddock Paradise is one of the 4 pillars of Natural Horse Care (NHC), which uses the lifestyle of wild and free roaming horses living naturally in the U.S Great Basin as it's model. All 4 pillars work together to support each other for the equine, healing and strengthening the horse's body, mind and soul.


Reasonably Natural Diet

We often refer to this as a species appropriate diet, to avoid confusion. Providing a diet that is near to natural or species appropriate as possible, with free access to hay and various bushes, trees and herbs.

Natural Horse Boarding (Paddock Paradise)

To understand the nature of equines and provide them with a mixed herd to encourage natural social behaviours and dynamics. There are no use of paddocks, or stabling, isolation and limited turnout.


The Natural Trim

The Natural Trim is defined as the humane mimicking of natural wear patterns - to understand what a natural hoof is and trimming to replicate what take and what nature would leave.

Natural Horsemanship

Natural schooling, ridden work and ground work is based on what movements are natural to the horse; nothing is forced.

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